Yuriy Mac Developer

I am a macOS system developer.

I create simple and intuitive products for desktop and mobile. I've worked in product development and design, working with both individuals with great ideas and large companies.

Apart from building apps for macOS (the ones that the user eventually sees in Launchpad, like applications for video capturing/playback and image editing), I create system level software - kernel and usermode drivers, system agents and daemons, boxed with an installer/uninstaller and a retina-friendly dmg package for Mac.

A lot of my applications interact with the hardware and various web services.

Although a software engineer, I consider myself a bit of a UI designer.

I am interested in networking, device drivers, USB driver software, creating desktop user experience, os x development in general, iOS development.

Apart from OS X development, I've created Windows software, including drivers and desktop level SW (system services, UI applications), Linux UI and crossplatform software, Microcontrollers firmware (Arduino, STM32). I love learning new areas.

Please take a look at my vision for my attitude.

Some of the kinds of applications I have built:

  • macOS desktop apps
  • Apps for iOS
  • Apps for Windows
  • Apps/drivers that interact with GSM modems, GPS-units, specialized USB devices (PIC32, SMT32, Arduino-based)
  • Firmware for STM32 and Arduino boards
  • Network applications and filter drivers
  • Plugins (Audio Units, Mail.app plugins)
  • Low-level Software powering Single Board Computers

My hobbies include robotics and machine learning.

I am an Applied Mathematics graduate.

As one of my personal research projects I designed and built a quad-copter completely from scratch, including building the frame, an STM32-based flight controller (designing and implementing a supporting firmware, reading sensors data (Invensense MPU9250 gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer, BME280 variometer), implementing a raw sensor data fusion using Madgwick algorithm, implementing and tuning the PID control algorithm, reading PPM receiver signals, controlling power circuits), and all the necessary calibration software.