My Experience

I have worked with the following macOS (OS X) frameworks

IOKit, Core Animation, CoreData, PDFKit, CUPS, AppleScript, QTKit, USB comm, CoreAudio, DiskArbitration, GCD, Security, HIToolbox/Accessibility, custom UI elements design/implementation, network kernel extensions and user-mode networking

iOS Cocoa Touch and various 3d party frameworks

UNIX technologies

POSIX, TCP/IP networking, various unix libraries, Bash scripting, Linux administration.

Windows frameworks

C++, Qt, MFC, WinAPI, x86 assembly


SQLite, XMPP and Web services (interacting with SOAP/RESTful services, JSON and XML parsing), basics of OpenGL, Qt (cross platform UI dev), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UI design.

Low level

ARM assembly, Single board computer bare metal programming, building cross-compiler toolchains