My vision

Although I am a software engineer, I like to think I have nice design skills.

I always try to make the product perfect. I enjoy improving every little detail until I see it fits exactly where it belongs. Until there's nothing more essential to add and nothing more excessive to take away.

But even then I do not settle.

I know what the words "Pixel Perfect" mean.

I believe in these things because the products are for the users. Because, unlike us, developers, the users work with them, interact with them, sometimes struggle with them, every day. And they deserve to have their work relieved. Every detail must be considered.

I also believe that even though the technology is important, it is only a tool to make great products. You should not stuff a product with as many newest features as possible just because they exist. You have to know when to say "No".

Every product that I make eventually is being used by lots of users every day and I believe it is important that the experience they have is the best possible.

I have high standards in design and user experience. The apps that I make eventually comply to Apple Human Interface Guidelines. And even though these principles are not as strict as the iOS ones, I consider them important, as each application has to seamlessly integrate into the macOS ecosystem. Mac users are more demanding than the users of other operating systems, as they are used to Apple always putting user experience first.